Explore where history was made...

...and where truths collide

Set in an immersive and historically accurate recreation of Colonial Boston after the 1770 “Boston Massacre,” Witness to the Revolution allows the player to develop an awareness of how misinformation – both deliberate and accidental – can shape the perception and meaning of history.

Explore Colonial Boston, investigate evidence and experience vivid playable flashbacks of historical witness accounts as you struggle to find clarity in the face of contradiction and manipulation to answer one simple question -

What happened the night of March 5, 1770?

Investigate the roots of a revolution

Examine the Evidence

Prints, newspapers and other text sources are found throughout the city - only a close look can reveal essential clues to your investigation

Talk to the People

Many are willing to tell you their story, some share vivid flashbacks, however how much confidence will you place in what they say?

Sketch the Journey

Colonial Boston is brimming with unique buildings and objects - sketching some of these may shape how you see the city and its inhabitants.

A world of print

Featuring a unique art style combining the look of 18th century printing with the high quality lighting from the Unreal 4 engine, Witness to the Revolution aims to deliver the premium level of visual quality expected from contemporary games.

About the production team

Witness to the Revolution is being created through a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin-Stout and Carleton College, based on Serena Zabin's award-winning The Boston Massacre: A Family History. The production team includes artists, animators, researchers and faculty from both institutions. The game will be available for play in 2022.

For more information contact:

Dr. Andrew Williams


Dr. Austin Mason